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Position: Head Electrical Engineer

Date Posted: 06/14/2022

Job Description:

  • Design and/or review electrical device for dental and skin care applications.
  • Design and/or review PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout.
  • Communicate and guide contract designer/manufacturer for industrial and inner structure design and product manufacturing.
  • Design and guide tests to verify functionality, stability, and durability of electrical components, assembled PCB, and the device system.
  • Develop, review, update, modify, and approve electrical design plans and work schedules.
  • Provide professional PCB soldering, debugging, reworking, and fixing skills to build the PCBA prototypes.
  • Provide support and prepare documentation for product manufacturing, supplier management, quality control and regulation compliance.

    Job Requirement: 

    Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering or Industry Electric Automation, 5 year experience as Electrical Engineer in the industry is required.

    Contact Information:

    Apply to: 3609 Mojave Ct. Suite E, Columbia, MO 65202, Nanova Biomaterials, Inc.

    Attn: Jingxi Chu, HR

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